A Vision For Our School


The Menands School will continue to build a top performing learning community where students discover and reach their individual potential through robust and challenging programs that maximize the personal connections that can be achieved in a small school environment.

Achieving and sustaining this will require:

  1. Creating a PK-8 configuration that nurtures strong relationships among faculty and students and fully leverages those connections throughout the 10-year student experience.

  2. Personalizing the approach to learning by differentiating instruction and providing various pathways to success, with more opportunities for authentic, project-based and applied learning experiences.

  3. Building a technology infrastructure that enhances the human experience, yet does not seek to replace it.

  4. Designing proper separation between PK-2, 3-5, 6-8 that makes each environment unique, while facilitating multi-age groupings and professional and student collaboration across the entire span of grades.

  5. Re-designing the physical environment to enhance health and safety, natural lighting, transparency and comfort while de-emphasizing isolation by expanding learning spaces to encourage movement, collaboration and inter-dependence among faculty and students.

  6. Enhancing the community experience by reaching out to parents and residents and encouraging them to reach in by creating a more accessible and welcoming place for all.

  7. Expanding the notion of campus by enhancing outdoor learning opportunities both on school grounds and beyond and reaching out to the local and global communities through opportunities for personal and virtual experiences.


The Board of Education has taken the valuable input of the community, the teachers, staff and administrators and has attempted to distill it into a clear vision for the future of our school. The following statement was adopted by the Board and will guide future renovation.